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Winners of Outstanding PES Student Branch Award and Volunteer Award for 2017

It is our pleasure to announce the Outstanding PES SBC awards 2017. The winners are

1. NIT Calicut

2. Vimaljyothi Engineering College Kannur

3. College of Engineering Chengannur

The Outstanding PES SBC Volunteer award 2017  won by

Anandhu S Kumar, College of Engineering Chengannur

Congratulations to all winners. The awards consisting of a plaque and a certificate.will be given away at a prestigious function soon.

Distinguished Lecture Programme on 6th February ’18 at Chanakya Hall, NIT Calicut – Dr Hermann Koch

Notice_V21 (1)Profile of the Speaker

Dr. Hermann Koch is IEEE Fellow and Chairman of IEEE PES Substations Committee Working Group of the GIS Book. In IEC he is Secretary of SC 17C High Voltage Switchgear Assemblies. In CIGRE he is member of the Strategic Advisory Group of SC B3 Substations. Currently he is Principal Expert of Standardization and gas-insulated high voltage system in Energy Transmission of Siemens.

Hermann Koch received his academic education at Technical University Darmstadt and New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ in 1986 in Electrical Engineering. His research work in the field of high voltages was concluded in 1990 with his doctoral thesis on partial discharge measurements for non-destructive testing. In 1991, he started his career with Siemens in Erlangen Germany at the headquarters of the power transmission division. In several responsibilities he was engaged in gas insulated technologies for HV circuit breaker, gas-insulated substations and transmission lines. Responsible for technical support in sales, development of gas-mixture technologies like GIL, business development for GIS and GIL and for coordination of Siemens standardization activities on Energy Transmission Division. He has published 150 technical papers and holds 31 patents in the field of gas insulated technology.



Dream home contest finals on 27.01.2018 – Programme schedule


09.30-10.00 – Registration

10.00-10.05 – Welcome- Er.A. Suhair, Vice chair, PES Kerala chapter

10.05-10.10 – Introduction about PES Kerala chapter-  Er.A. G.Hareendralal, Chair, PES Kerala chapter

10.10-10.15 – About the contest- Er.Dharesan Unnithan, Director, EMC Kerala

10.15-10.25 – Expected outcome of the contest-Prof.V.K.Damodaran, International Energy consultant

10.30              – Contest starts

Energy Efficient Dream Home Contest 2017 Final on 27 January 2018 at Energy Management Centre, Thiruvananthapuram

The Finals of Dream Home Contest 2017 will be held on  Saturday 27th January 2018 at Energy Management Centre (EMC) , Sreekaryam, Trivandrum.
The contest will start at 10.00 am sharp. All candidates are requested to report by 9.30 am. The order of presentation will be based on lot. The programme is expected to be over by 4 pm.
The presentation time is 15 minutes plus 5 minutes discussions.
All candidates are requested to book their train/bus tickets based on the above mentioned timings.  All are requested to carry an ID proof from their respective Colleges. TA will be provided subject to the production of actual train/ bus tickets (one side ticket is sufficient).

High Performing Student Branch Chapter Program (HPSBCP) 2017

High Performing Student Branch Chapter Program (HPSBCP) 2017 is available for all PES Student Branch Chapters. Deadline to apply for this program is January 15th, 2018. 

Eligibility Requirements and Program Overview

  • Any active PES Student Branch Chapter is eligible to apply for the High Performing Chapter Program.
  • Student Branch Chapter chair must apply for the program each year using the Combined Annual Report / High Performing Student Chapter Program form available here. The completed form must be submitted to and your Branch Counselor by January 15th 2018 (you may also copy to the Chapter and Region Representative).
  •  Each PES Chapter that meets the defined performance requirements will be eligible to receive funding. Up to $500 will be awarded based on the scoring criteria of the program to support the cost of PES chapter operations. 

The High Performing Chapter Program Description 

The High Performing Chapter Program funding will be awarded yearly with a maximum of $500 and a minimum of $200.  

Annual Report – First page should be completed by every Chapter for $200.

Pages 2-3 for HPSBCP – Items in red boxes are mandatory for funding consideration up to $500.

Danijel Topić, PhD
Assistant Professor
IEEE Power and Energy Society
Student Chapters Coordinator

Outstanding Student Volunteer Awards (PES-OSVA)-2017

IEEE PES Kerala chapter recognizes and values the important role of student/graduate student members as volunteers to promote the PES objectives in the Chapter. It is the sustained hard work of the volunteers that makes a chapter vibrant and beneficial to its members and attracts new members. It is important that these dedicated volunteers are encouraged to excel in their efforts and be recognized for their contributions. This acknowledgement also serves to promote examples for others to follow, which in turn helps Chapter to flourish.


The PES Outstanding Sudent Volunteer Award aims to recognize those volunteers who have made outstanding contributions to the PES Kerala chapter.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. A PES member of student or graduate student membership grade in good standing.
  2. The candidate’s volunteer work is, or has been, on behalf of PES Kerala Chapter or SBC.
  3. The candidate must have been active for at least 2 years in the chapter.
  4. The candidate receives no remuneration for his/her volunteer work for the chapter except reimbursement of expenses incurred in carrying out the volunteer work.
  5. Previous two year winners of the Outstanding Student Volunteer Award are not eligible.

Evaluation Criteria

The following points will be considered in the selection:

  1. New ideas, developments or projects which have significantly benefited the Chapter.
  2. Length of service in the PES Kerala Chapter and SBC.
  3. Initiatives taken in increasing the PES membership in the Chapter.
  4. Demonstrated administrative abilities.
  5. Demonstrated leadership skills.
  6. Support for the work of other volunteers who are serving the Chapter.
  7. Volunteering work done for the PES Kerala Chapter activities like student congresses and other major activities.
  8. Furthering the work and promoting the objectives of the PES in Kerala Chapter or Student branch chapter level, or in some other PES volunteer activity.

Selection Committee

The selection committee consists of the following members:

  1. A G Hareendralal, Chair, PES Kerala chapter
  2. A Suhair, Vice Chair, PES Kerala chapter
  3. K Biju, Secretary, PES Kerala chapter
  4. K Bijuna, Immediate past Chair, PES Kerala chapter
  5. C A Job, Chair Awards, PES Kerala chapter


  1. Call for Nominations: 10th December 2017
  2. Nomination Deadline: 31st December 2017
  3. Evaluation period: 1-15 January 2018
  4. Announcement of results: End of January 2018

Award Instrument

A plaque and a certificate will be awarded to the PES Outstanding Student Volunteer.


During PES student congress or any other major event in 2018.



  1. NAME_________________________________

Member Grade _______________    SM/GSM

Membership number:……………………………


___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________  

Email id:                                                mob:

  1. PRESENT VOLUNTEER POSITION (if any): _________________

CHAPTER ____________________________

DATE OF ASSUMING ROLE: _________________________

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ROLE:  Year wise (backwards starting 2017) [Max 2 pages]


CHAPTER ____________________________

DATE OF ASSUMING ROLE _________________________



  1. Signature (digital):
  1. ENDORSEMENT FROM CHAPTER ADVISOR (EMAIL endorsement to be attached).

Name of Chapter advisor:

Nominations are to be sent to:                                                      

Er.Hareendralal (Chair):

Copy to:

Er.Suhair A K (Vice Chair):

Er. Biju K (Secretary):    

Outstanding Student Branch Chapter Awards (PES-OSBCA)-2017

The purpose of this recognition system serves to change the mindset of our student groups, from being number-driven, to becoming value-driven and to acknowledge exemplary student branch chapter activities around Kerala section. The goal is to improve the quality of activities, and to foster knowledge sharing among students. Ultimately, the initiative is targeted at improving student-membership growth. This will encourage and motivate students to continue to innovate and implement meaningful ideas related to IEEE Power & Energy Society.


The PES Outstanding student branch Award aims to recognize the student branch chapter which has done outstanding activities in the chapter for the benefit of the members and the society.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The Chapter should be active with a minimum of six members and one PES Advisor.  Inviting Award nomination from IEEE PES Student Branch Chapters around Kerala (Chapter Should be formed with in 31st December 2016).
  2. The Student Branch should send the Annual PES SBC Report to Kerala PES Chapter Secretary with CC to PES Kerala Chapter Chair, Vice Chair.
  3. Previous two year winners are not eligible to apply for the award.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. The judging primarily on the below criteria
  2. Annual IEEE PES SB Chapter Report(0-80)
  3. The events organized, Technical, Educational, Administrative, others (0-40)
  4. The benefits given to PES members/IEEE Members(0-20)
  5. Future plans(0-20)
  6. PES Membership (0-20)
  7. Number of PES Members (0-10)

(Professional, student, Graduate student, members)

  1. The growth of membership in last two years(Should be included in the SBC Report) (0-5)
  2. Membership driven initiative & Sustainability of SBC (0-5)

NB: The value of event is more important than its number.

Award category:

Each entry will be classified into following categories: Bronze, Silver & Gold (in the order of increasing value). One award will be given for each category, may vary depending upon the number of nominations received.

Selection Committee

 The selection committee consists of the following members:

  1. A G Hareendralal, Chair, PES Kerala chapter
  2. A Suhair, Vice Chair, PES Kerala chapter
  3. K Biju, Secretary, PES Kerala chapter
  4. K Bijuna, Immediate past Chair, PES Kerala chapter
  5. C A Job, Chair Awards, PES Kerala chapter


The Annual report & PES Advisor letter of recommendation (separately in PDF format) should be sent to Kerala Chapter PES secretary & CC to PES Chapter Chair, Vice Chair before 31st December 2017.

Intimation of selection:

Before 31st January 2018


This Award consists of a customized award Plaque and Certificate.

The Award will be presented in PES Student Congress in 2018.

Nominations are to be sent to:


Copy to: Mr.Suhair A K(Vice Chair):

Er. Biju K(Secretary ) :