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‘Urja Kiran’, a Two Day Awareness Program on Energy Conservation for the Community in Veeranakavu, near Kattakkada on 21 and 22 December ’17


IEEE PES Kerala Chapter jointly with LMAG, WiE and YP of IEEE Kerala Section organised a two day Energy Conservation Program for the community in Veeranakavu, near Kattakkada on 21 and 22 December 2017. The Community got support from Energy Management Centre (EMC), ANERT and Centre for Environment and Development (CED).urja4

The program started with the inauguration of an Exhibition of Energy and Energy Conservation related slogans and displays and a power measuring instrument which can measure wattage of different types of lamps. This measuring kit was supplied by EMC. This gave a comparison of incandescent, CFL and LED lamps and also comparison of “zero watt” LED and incandescent lamps.urja2

The program on Thursday 21 Dec 2017 was inaugurated by Sri P. Manikantan, Chair of Health and Education Standing Committee of Poovachal Grama Panchayat and presided by Sri A.G. Hareendralal
Chair PES Kerala Chapter. Smt Sanooba Beevi, Headmistress and Ms Premalatha teacher of the Veeranbakavu School offered felicitations.  Sri A.G. Hareendralal explained to them the differences among the three types of lamps and how LED lamps with its high efficacy and long life compared to incandescent lamps and CFL, stands a good chance in reducing the energy bill despite its high initial cost. The first day was mainly attended by students of the community.
The second day program on Friday 22 Dec 2017 started with the registration of the participants. 83 persons, mostly women folk registered for the event and the program started at 10.30 am. The
meeting was presided by Fr Gnanadas, Presbyter, CSI Church Veeranakavu. Sri George, President of Development Committee, CSI Day Care Centre, Veerankavu welcomed the gathering. Sri K.
Ramachandran, President, Poovachal Grama Panchayat inaugurated the function. Sri A.G. Hareendralal, delivered the key note address and gave an overview of impacts of careless use of energy on the environment, global warming and climate change and stressed the importance of Energy Conservation and its effects on the planet. Sri P. Manikantan, Chair of Health and Education Standing Committee of Poovachal Grama Panchayat offered felicitations.
Sri M.K. Mehboob, an Energy Consultant and Resource Person of EMC gave a presentation on “Energy Conservation for the Future Generations”, giving detailed presentation on the need of
Energy Conservation. With the help of the Power Measuring Kit, he compared the three types of lamps, its efficacy, life and cost and how LED can decrease ones energy bill. He also gave in depth
ideas about how the energy consumption in ones house can be reduced, with subsequent reduction of energy bill, taking the case of each of the equipment used in the house, in addition to lamps: Fan,
Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Wet and Dry Grinders, Induction Cooker, Microwave Oven, Electric Iron etc. One LED bulb reach was donated to the participants and requested them to replace one of
the incandescent lamps they are using in their house and if possible to replace all the incandescent lamps and CFL using LED lamps gradually.
The participants were requested to bring with them the latest energy bill and the bill amount was noted in a register against their names. There was suggestion to continue the program with a gap of
two months for one year and comparing their energy bills and give prizes for those who reduce their bills maximum. Mr Mehboob mentioned about incentives programs of EMC and McDonald to those who are reducing their energy bills.
After the lunch, there was projection a few short films on Energy Conservation. The program ended at 3.30 pm followed by oath taking ceremony led by Mr Hareendralal A G in which all of them took the oath of following and spreading energy conservation programs. All the participants were very much enthusiastic about the program and expressed their willingness to reduce their energy bills and to attend future programs.

Energy conservation and efficiency programme for Erussery Panchayath

vimal jothi EC programme

Energy conservation and energy efficiency programme for Panchayath is conducted as a part of the member driven initiative scheme programme of PES. The programme is organised by Vimal Jothi  Engineering College, Kannur as a part of the Community activities of the IEEE PES Kerala Chapter and is supported by IEEE PES Kerala Chapter.

The programme was conducted in three phases. In the 1st phase, PES volunteer students went to various houses in the Eruvessey panchayath and gave  awareness to reduce the electrical energy consumption. In the second phase ,for one day,most of the electrical loads were switched off in the houses in the panchayath between 7-7.30 pm to show the importance of energy conservation. In the third phase on 20th December, an awareness programme to the commmon people was conducted on energy conservation and educated them on how to check the power consumed  by  different  loads   and   how   energy   can   be   conserved by    switching    off    the    noncritical    loads    by    demonstration.vjc

PES, LMAG, YP & WiE – Humanitarian Technology Interventions for Improving the Welfare of the Scheduled Tribes in Kombukuthy, Kottayam

The “Report on Socio-economic Status of Scheduled Tribes of Kerala”, based on a detailed survey and study by Govt. of Kerala (published Nov 2013) has brought out several factors that hinder the welfare measures and efforts for raising educational achievements by the communities under ST category. Having discussed these issues with the top officials of ST department, IEEE PES and Affinity Groups LMAG, YP and WiE have decided to evolve some activities in five selected regions in the State from Wayanad to Thiruvananthapuram to help improve the situation of members of Scheduled Tribe communities. Based on this,  a proposal for improving the welfare of the tribal population in Kerala through educational and technological interventions was submitted to IEEE Foundation at the headquarters. Before finalising the broader project for 5 sites, It was decided to run a pilot project in one such area and a hamlet around Kuttikkanam was selected for the pilot project.banner tribal

This program was managed by Prof V K Damodaran, A G Hareendralal and K Jishnu.vkd tribal To establish rapport with the community, a Sastra Vismaya session at Kombukuthy Tribal High School, was organised on (Saturday) 18 Nov 2017. The program was attended by 93 students from the three wings of the school, 14 members of staff including Headmistress, Ms S G Preetha, 28 parents, Mr Viswanathan, the tribal leader, P K Sudheer, Panchayat President, P T Bineesh, PTA President. It was like a festival for the community; all of them participating in the event wholeheartedly; the parents, staff and others were engaged in serious discussions with the IEEE volunteers.IMG-20171118-WA0052



















Energy conservation programme in Eruvessy Panchayath on 2nd September 2017

energy conservation inaugurationPES SB chapter of Vimaljyothi Engineering College Kannur conducted a program related to energy conservation in Eruvessy Panchayath as a part of the member driven initiatives  of the IEEE PES. The programme was  supported by IEEE PES Kerala Chapter. The IEEE PES student volunteers travelled door to door covering the houses, shops etc. situated in the 9,10,11 wards of Eruvessy Panchayath.

The program was inaugurated by the President of Eruvessy Panchayat Adv. Joseph Isaac and Mrs Pauline, Vice President Eruvessy Panchayath by lighting the lamp. Other dignitaries who graced the occasion were Fr.Jinu,Administrator VJEC,Fr.Dr.Thomas melvettom,chairman of VJEC, Fr. George Asarikkunnel Bursar of VJEC, Dr.Benny Joseph.principal of VJEC Mrs Laly James,HOD EEE Department and Mr Prabin James,IEEE PES Staff advisor. The IEEE code of ethics was read out by Mr Akhil Augustine.

44 volunteers split into 11 teams covered the different regions of Eruvessy Panchayath. The students enlightened the people on the need to save energy and also briefed them about the contest conducted by VJEC in which the most energy efficient house/shop will be rewarded.

The students received a positive response from the local people and all of them promised to try their level best in bringing down their energy consumption.

energy conservation panchayath

Future Plus: A Community Development Program organized for the Students of  Veeranakavu Village near Kattakkada on 3 – 5 April 2017 at Day Care Centre, Veeranakavu

A leadership cum Career Development Program was organized jointly with Life Member Affinity Group and Women in Engineering Affinity Group of IEEE Kerala Section. 50 students of the community completed their 9, 10, 11, 12 standards participated in the program. Krishna Kumar and Jeffin Thomas of MINDS were the resource persons of the project.

krishna kumar addressing parents (1389 x 781)In the interactive sessions programs were chalked out to help them to increase their self esteem, improve their study, memory and communication skills. In the last session, parents also took part. The community wanted the program to be organized periodically assessing the progress of the students.

krishnakumar with participants (1389 x 781)Jeffin Thomas

The inaugural session was presided over by the Presbyter of CSI Church, Veeranakavu Rev Fr Gnanadas and inaugurated by Sri P. Manikantan, Chairman, Health & Education Standing Ciommittee, Poovachal Panchayat. Sri George, President of the Development Committee, CSI Day Care Centre, Veeranakavu felicitated. Er Hareendralal A.G. introduced the activities of IEEE, Keral Section and PES Chapter, stressing the tag line of IEEE, “Advancing Technology for Humanity”.

Children Parliament (1389 x 781)