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Message from the Chair – December 2017

aghPES Kerala Chapter is crossing yet another vibrant year filled with diverse activities. The Chapter during the year organised several Technical Sessions,  Educational Sessions,  Student Contests,  Workshops, an All Kerala PES Student Congress and an All India PES Student Congress .

The State level Quiz Contest is in its eighth year and Energy Efficient  Dream Home Contest in its second year.  Paper Presentation Contest and Project Presentation Contest for students will be a regular programme from now on.  Participants were also given training as to how effectively to conceive a dream home, how to write and present technical papers and how to select good projects and present it.  All the contests were organised at three level: College Level, Hub level and State Level.  Energy Management Centre  was highly supportive  in organising programs like Dream Home Contest and ECBC Workshop.

There are 16  active PES student branches now in the State. During the last two years, the membership saw a steep rise from 426 to 1208. The growth was in all the grades of membership: Senior Membership 13 to 33, Members 51 to 113, Graduate Student Members from 36 to 164 and Student Members from 323 to 885. PES Kerala Chapter is the largest among the 250 PES Chapters in total membership among all the 10 Regions.

It is planned to reorganise the Chapter activities so as to sustain the growth if not to improve it. It is also decided to join hands with LMAG, WiE, YP, SIGHT and SSIT Chapter to organise programs for the benefit of the society.

During December, five programs are chalked out: PES AGM from 9 am to 4 pm on 16th Dec at Classic Sarovaram Portico Hotel, Trivandrum, Eenergy Conservation Awareness Programme at Kilimanoor on 16th Dec, Distinguished Lecture Program on 19 Dec at NIT, Calicut, National Seminar at NIT Calicut from 21-22  Dec 2017 and Energy Conservation Camp on 22 Dec 2017 in Veeranakavu Village, Kattakkada. Please participate in all the events.

AG Hareendralal, Chair, PES Kerala Chapter