Talk on The Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Regions

The Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Regions: By Dr.Sajitha Bashir on 21 December 2019

Dr. Sajitha Bashir, Adviser for Science, Technology and Innovation, World Bank, Washington delivered a talk on “The Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Regions” on 21 December 2019 under the auspices of Power and Energy Society, Kerala Chapter at Vakkom Moulavi Fundation Trust Hall , Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The presentation covered i) risks and vulnerabilities of climate change in coastal areas, ii) the steps taken globally, nationally and state level and iii) involvement of local communities in protecting coastal areas. 

The speaker demonstrated evidence of climate change across the globe and high risks faced by India. The presentation emphasised that coastal settlements need to become more resilient and some districts of Kerala are highly vulnerable. She proposed citizen monitoring and involvement of local people in protecting the coastal areas and presented a model approach for Muthalapozhi Estuary in Kadinamkulam Lake of South Kerala. The discussion was organised by PES Kerala and LMAG The meeting was attended by students, youth volunteers, academics and local people. Er. A Suhair, PES Chair welcomed and introduced the speaker and Er. Hareendralal, LMAG Chair conveyed vote of thanks.