Introduction to Robotics - Webinar

30 April 2020

Duration: 2 hours
Organizers: IEEE SB AME
Speaker: Er.Anish MS

IEEE SB AME hosted a live webinar on the topic Introduction to Robotics on 30th April. The session started about 8:00 PM on Google Meet. Almost 28 students from different colleges attended the session including both IEEE and Non-IEEE. The session was carried out by Mr. Anis MS, Volunteer, IEEE Kerala Young Professionals. He started by giving an introduction to robotics and then explained about various aspects of robotics also added history, laws of robotics, terminologies, robot control loop, and so on. He also explained about types of robotics, robotic components, advantages and disadvantages, carrier opportunities and educational aspects of robotics. He shared is experience and fruitful memories on IEEE and working with robotics. The session was really interactive and informative. The session concluded by 9:30 PM.