How Engineers can contribute to society - Panel Discussion

1 May 2020

At the time when the whole world is battling Covid-19, the need for innovation is at its prime. But even on these worrisome days, we have rays of hope- in forms of people who are not ready to give up and create magic out of innovation.IEEE Power and Energy Society Young Professionals in association with IEEE SB GEC Thrissur as a part of PES Day 2020 and #RoboSanitizerChallenge

Presented a  panel discussion on ‘How Engineers can contribute to society’, and they had the perfect team.

The Panel consisted of team ‘Sanitizer Kunjappan’, the creators of the low-cost, locally made from scratch at the FABLAB, Government Engineering College, Thrissur. They  discussed why innovation is important in this age, and the role that engineers have to play.