Chairman's Message

Hello everyone!
My wishes to all IEEE PES Members who are all back to the real world of volunteering activities after the pandemic situation we faced in the last couple of years.
IEEE PES Kerala Chapter is the world’s largest society chapter in the world. The Chapter Membership has increased from 426 in 2015 to 4586 in 2021. This indeed an epic growth for any society chapter. This achievement is because of the incredible hard work and dedication from all the PES volunteers,  especially PES student members and Young Professionals. All our SBCs have taken active role in building and shaping PES Kerala Chapter to position it as the‘World Number One’ Chapter.
IEEE PES Kerala Chapter has been organising various programs to equip the industry and academia to meet the new challenges the world is facing like climate change & global warming and to build resilient models for addressing them. Sustainability is to be ensured for each and every project since the world is moving from a linear economy to a circular economy. Advanced and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are more popular now in finding quick and viable solutions. More and more Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Blockchain based micro-grids are finding their space in the power industry. More and more Renewable Energy is being pumped to the grid day by day. EV is slowly becoming affordable to the common man.
Keeping all these in mind, IEEE PES Kerala Chapter has prepared a tentative plan of action for the year 2022. We are seriously planning some immediate physical gatherings to brake the cliché of online meetings imposed upon us due to pandemic situations. 
My wishes again for a great year full of vibrant activities and programs for our PES chapter which had won the Outstanding Chapter Award two times.
We will meet soon!
Er. Ajith Gopi
Chair IEEE PES Kerala Chapter