Registrations Closed!

Orion 2. 0 has come to an end!

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The registrations for Orion 2.0 is Closed. See you on May 27-31 for Orion!


ORION is a five day Virtual Technical extravaganza organised by the IEEE PES Women in Power Community Kerala in association with IEEE PES Kerala Chapter, exclusively for all the IEEE members across the IEEE Kerala Section.

The event is divided into four categories which comprises various competitions and quality assessments for the students to showcase their skillsets. The event is aimed to provide a platform for the students to exhibit their technical, leadership and soft skills. Orion sets a platform to bring in collectivism and belongingness among the members within every student branch.

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Brochure & Guidelines

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Capture a snapshot which suits the theme provided and enhance your photography skills

Jot down your thoughts on a subject and let your words show the power – Blog

Show off your videography and video editing skills in this competition. Get the theme and tell your own story

Bring out your photo editing skills and creativity to manipulate images we give you to meaningful creations.


Bring out the inventor in you to create a video presentation to show how you can innovate an existing technology and come up with something brand new.

Refine and strengthen your interview skills through experience

One minute is all you have, show your aptitude in the art of speaking.

Flaunt your skills in bargaining and sell your product.

Stand your ground and fight till the end

Draft an abstract and present your pitched ideas in front of a live panel of judges


Give your creations a trademark with the help of logos.

Communicate your messages with people through visually appealing posters.

Give your website an authentic charm on the layout, user interface, and other visual imagery

The design interfaces that enrich the lives of people and connect you all over the world.

Unleash the wizardry of pencils and brushes

Paint your colours on the screens.


Challenge yourself and embark on a quest of knowledge.

Present and explain a video to display your creativity by transforming your e-waste at home into a fine art

Put your programming skills to the test to solve set of problem statements we give you.

Unearth the secrets of the quest where clues will be provided at the website and hints via the social media page.

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    ORION 1.0

    SB Representatives

    - Hall of Fame -

    1. Overall Champions - IEEE SB RSET Ernakulam

    2. Runners Up - IEEE SB GEC Thrissur

    3. Second Runners Up - IEEE SB ASIET Kalady