Power and Energy - Industrial Orientation

What is PES-ION?

IEEE PES Kerala Chapter is introducing PES-ION as an effort to help students gain effective knowledge about the proper functioning & working of substation. The motive of the event is to edify students about various aspects of a substation & give them an opportunity to interact with professionals working in the stream which is not offered to them in their curriculum. Through the event we are trying to bring healthy competition between PES Student Branch Chapters (SBCs) by asking them to accept the PES-ION Challenge & implement the same as instructed following all COVID-19 protocols. The PES SBCs that accepted the PES-ION challenge are asked to challenge another PES SBC of the section for the same & motivating them to learn through this.

PES-ION takes place in 3 Phases


Virtual Training on Substation


Substation Visit


Creative Media Competition

For more details on PES-ION, Check out the PES-ION Brochure

To generate the Challenge Accepted Poster, Check out the link below